Ultra-Fast WORN Memory Goes Wireless

Ultra-Fast WORN Memory Goes Wireless

In the never-ending task of finding a better way to implement /dev/null, we have the latest in WORN (write once read never) memory from Virtual Memory Inc. (VMI). VMI’s WORN wireless memory (Fig. 1) works with any system regardless of operating system or applications.

1. The WORN wireless memory has a built-in antenna that works with any type of radio transceiver at any distance, capturing any read never data immediately.

Distance and protocols are not an issue. The WORN-FE123 works with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, UWB and LTE. The chips handle these diverse protocols using their own Snarky oscillator circuit that runs at 13.2 THz.

The WORN-FE123 is the low-power version of VMI’s WORN OUT (Obviously Universal Technology) family. It uses less than 0.00123 pA. An internal super cap can be charged once while in the production line. Estimated super-cap power duration is over 10 years.

Don't worry about security. It has built-in AES-2560 encryption that cannot be broken. It actually encrypts data being sent to it. Internally the system uses a 65-bit, penta core, Leghorn CPU with a 23-core GPU to support a CP/M file system. All data is converted to octal before storing it in memory.

Potential capacity is infinite, but chips are currently available in capacities of 159.38665 exabytes. Large versions will be available in the future.

WORN chips will be available in Easter eggs delivered this year only so make sure you find the right ones. Protect that important data. 

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