Applied Nanolayers (ANL)

Den Haag


About Applied Nanolayers (ANL)

ANL is a high volume 2D material foundry and producer of monolayer graphene and other two-dimensional material sheets with a low defect density.


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Den Haag
The Netherlands

More Info on Applied Nanolayers (ANL)

As graphene and other 2D materials continue to inspire researchers to develop new devices and applications, the need for a high-quality 2D material foundry that can supply large quantities of low-defect graphene, h-BN, and other 2D materials for device development and production integration has become evident. ANL’s advanced 2D technology and high-volume automation ensures our ability to produce at constant high quality while responding quickly to meet increasing demands for advanced 2D-based devices.

Articles & News

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Delivering 2D Materials Ready for a “More than Moore” World

June 30, 2022
Over the next few years, we will see 2D materials move out of the lab and gain momentum as a true “more than Moore” commercial high-volume manufacturing proposition.