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Line Of SMT Power Inductors Targets High-Current Applications
Members of a line of surface-mount power inductors are mounted on a high-heat-resistant LCP material. The winding wire is wrapped directly to the platform to serve as the terminal point. This design ensures high reliability and low contact resistance in high-current applications.

According to the company, these inductors are suited for service as dc-dc converters, smoothing chokes, and EMI filters. The versatile SMT magnetic components can be used in a wide range of applications, including notebook computers, disc drives, automotive systems, digital TVs, VCRs, DVD players, and set-top boxes. Additionally, they may be used in battery chargers, handheld electronic devices, industrial electronics, and instrumentation.

Packaged in tape-and-reel form to accommodate high-speed automated assembly, the devices are constructed of high-temperature materials suitable for infrared reflow soldering. Available specifications include the PM3308 (10 to 1000 µH and 2.0 to 0.05 A), the PM3316 (1 to 1000 µH and 6.8 to 0.3 A), the PM3340 (10 to 1000 µH and 3.5 to 0.1 A), and the PM5022 (1 to 1000 µH and 8.6 to 0.56 A). Available now, pricing for the inductor line ranges from $0.90 to $1.62 for production quantities.

J.W. Miller, 306 E. Alondra Blvd., P.O. Box 2859, Gardenia, CA 90247-1059; (310) 515-1720; fax (310) 515-1962; www.jwmiller.com.

Tunable Inductor Is Well-Suited For HIgh-Q Filter Applications in the GHz Range
The 5Y is a 5-mm tunable thru-hole inductor. This device is specifically designed for high-Q filter applications in the GHz range. While an inductance range of 50 to 500 nH is offered, the Q specification is over 90.

A surface-mount side-tunable version of the 5Y will be available in production quantities soon. This device is slated to offer similar characteristics. In large quantities, the 5Y tunable inductor costs $0.20 to $0.30 each.

Frontier Electronics, 685 Cochran St., Simi Valley, CA 93065; (805) 522-9998; fax (805) 522-9989; www.frontierusa.com.

Surface-Mount Inductors' Protective Case Reduces Risk Of Core Breakage
The UNI-PAC UP B surface-mount inductors offer improved electrical characteristics and a protective case to reduce core breakage.This family of inductors are currently available in sizes 1 and 2. Sizes 3 and 4 will soon be available.

According to the company, the UP (1-4) B inductors offer a low-cost solution for high-power applications. The devices feature a miniature size and rugged construction. Possible applications include notebook computers, personal digital assistant (PDA) applications, and a variety of battery-powered equipment. Equipped with better roll-off characteristics, the UP (1-4) B family also offers lower DRC and a higher ISAT. They are suited for energy storage applications and high-shock environments.

The UNI-PAC inductors are available in tape-and-reel packaging, with 900 parts/reel. In 25,000-unit quantities, the UP 1 B version costs $0.40 each.

Cooper Electronic Technologies, 3601 Quantum Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL 33426-8638; (561) 752-5000; fax (561) 742-0134; www.cooperindustries.com.

Microminiature Accelerometers Feature Detachable Cables
The 6000 Series of microminiature accelerometers are suited for general purpose work. Originally intended for studies where space and weight restrictions are a major factor, they now feature detachable cables. Also, they offer an inverted seismic element for mechanical isolation.

All units come with microminiature detachable cables and connector assemblies. Also, they are available in numerous configurations in shear-mode or case-grounded designs. High-temperature units to 500°F are available. Depending upon the model, members of the 6000 Series cost between $260 and $455.

Columbia Research Laboratories Inc., 1925 MacDade Blvd., Woodlyn, PA 19094; (800) 813-8471; fax (610) 872-3882; www.columbiaresearch.com.

System Combines TLL And Portable Handheld Transducer Indicator
The transducer system combination is suited for a variety of OEM force measurement and weighing applications. The system is comprised of a tension load cell (TLL) and the PHM-100 portable handheld transducer indicator.

The PHM-100 offers a Peak Hold feature that captures at less than one ms. Also, it operates on a 9-V battery for 60 hours. The included TLL is a tension-in-line load cell constructed from stainless steel. It is offered in a variety of configurations from 5,000 lbs to 50,000 lbs. All accuracies are consistent with highly accurate strain-gage-based load cells. For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Transducer Techniques Inc., 43178 Business Park Dr., Temecula, CA 92590; (800) 344-3965; fax (909) 676-1200; www.transducertechniques.com.

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