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Quad IF DAC Zooms Along At 2.8 Gsamples/s

Quad IF DAC Zooms Along At 2.8 Gsamples/s

Analog Devices’ AD9144 4-channel, 16-bit, quad IF digital-to-analog converter (DAC) supports high data rates and ultra-wide signal bandwidth thanks to its maximum sample rate of 2.8 Gsamples/s. That rate plus 82-dBc spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) permits multicarrier generation up to the Nyquist frequency. For example, for six-carrier GSM IMD, the AD9144 operates at 77 dBc at 75-MHz IF. When operating with the on-chip phase-locked loop (PLL) at a 30-MHz DAC output frequency, the device delivers a 76-dB adjacent-channel leakage ratio (ACLR) for four-carrier WCDMA applications. Also, its advanced, proprietary low SFDR and distortion design techniques enhance synthesis of wideband signals from baseband to high intermediate frequencies. The device’s ‒164 dBm/Hz noise spectral density enables the creation of higher dynamic-range transmitters. And a JESD204B eight-lane interface and low inherent latency of under two DAC clock cycles simplifies hardware/software system design and allows for multichip synchronization.


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