450-W DC-DCs Accommodate Multiple EV Battery Sources

450-W DC-DCs Accommodate Multiple EV Battery Sources

Green Watt Power (a division of Calex Mfg. Co.) designed its 450-W EVD series of dc-dc converters specifically for electric-vehicle applications. Two input ranges—30 to 65 V dc and 60 to 120 V dc—will accept a variety of battery sources. Output voltages are 14.2 and 13.5 V dc. The fully isolated input-to-output devices feature an isolation voltage of 2250 V dc. Efficiencies reach 90%. Housed in a ruggedized, fully encapsulated, 7.48- by 2.99- by 1.71-in. IP67 package, ambient operating temperature ranges from ‒40 to +50°C (storage temperature range is ‒40° to +70°C). Protection includes overvoltage, short-circuit, overtemperature, and remote ON/OFF. All models meet on-vehicle magnetic field and electrostatic-discharge (ESD) requirements per EN 6100-6-2. Meantime between failure is 150,000 hours. The converters’ baseplate enables bulkhead or firewall mounting. Flying leads are available to accommodate application-specific connector requirements. Delphi Metri-Pack input and output connectors are optional.


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