60-W DC-DC Covers All Railway Bus Voltages Simultaneously

60-W DC-DC Covers All Railway Bus Voltages Simultaneously

Targeting railway, transportation, and high-end industrial applications, the MGDDI-60 60-W dc-dc converter series’ 12- to 160-V input voltage range covers all typical battery/bus voltages (24, 28, 48, 72, 96, 110 V) at once using the same device. The device, developed by Gaia Converter using proprietary switching techniques, has two outputs (for parallel, serial, or symmetrical operation) of 5, 12, 15, and 24 V. As a result, it’s able to handle various requirements—for example, a single 5- to 48-V output, ±15-V; or two 24-V outputs (30 W each). In addition to over 90% efficiency, other features include zero to full load regulation, trim and on/off capability, adjustable UVLO, soft-start, an embedded EMI filter, and overcurrent/overtemperature protection. Fixed switching frequency is 270 kHz with embedded LC filter. No optocouplers are employed in the feedback loop. The converter comes in a 2- by 3-in. housing, with an operating temperature ranging from ‒40 to +100°C.


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