Buck-Boost DC-DC Input/Output Ranges From 2.2/2.7 To 40 V

Buck-Boost DC-DC Input/Output Ranges From 2.2/2.7 To 40 V

Up to 1 A of continuous output current from various power sources (e.g., single-cell Li-Ion, 24-/28-V industrial rails, 40-V automotive inputs) is possible with the LTC3114-1 synchronous, current-mode buck-boost converter. Developed by Linear Technology, the dc-dc converter’s 2.2- to 40-V input and 2.7- to 40-V output range supplies a regulated output with inputs above, below, or equal to the regulated output. Its low-noise buck-boost topology delivers a continuous jitter-free transition between buck and boost modes. Four internal low RDS(ON) N-channel MOSFETs help push efficiencies to 96%. Selectable “Automatic Burst Mode” operation lowers quiescent current to a mere 30 µA to improve light-load efficiency and extend battery run time. The device employs a constant 1.2-MHz switching frequency and features pin-programmable average output current and current monitor. Packaging is a 16-lead, 3- by 5-mm DFN or thermally enhanced 16-lead TSSOP. Industrial-grade versions (LTC3114IDHC-1 and IFE-1) operate over the ‒40 to 125°C junction temperature range.


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