Synchronous SEPIC/Inverting/Boost DC-DC Controller Outputs Up To 10 A

Synchronous SEPIC/Inverting/Boost DC-DC Controller Outputs Up To 10 A

Linear Technology’s LT8710 synchronous dc-dc controller features multiple topologies: SEPIC, inverting, boost and flyback. The device replaces the output diode with a high-efficiency P-channel MOSFET, thus boosting efficiency and maximum output current (up to 10 A). It also eliminates the heatsink, adding versatility.  The LT8710 operates of a 4.5- to 80-V input voltage ranges. Output voltage depends on the choice of external components. Thanks to rail-to-rail output-current monitor and control, the controller can be configured as a current source. EN/FBIN pin circuitry enables allows for the slow varying of input signals and an adjustable undervoltage lockout function, as well as input-voltage regulation to avoid collapsing a high-impedance input source (e.g., a solar panel). Fixed operating frequency is selectable from 100 to 700 kHz, and can be synchronized to an external clock. Current-mode control helps enhance line and load regulation. The controller is configurable for either forced continuous or pulse-skipping operating modes during light-load conditions. Applications include automotive and battery charging.


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