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Ambient Light Sensor Cuts Power In Portables

The TSL2550 ambient light sensor converts light intensity to a digital signal output capable of direct SMBus interface. By using ambient light measurement to control display-screen backlighting, the sensor helps reduce overall system power in portable equipment. Target applications include laptop computers, cell phones, PDAs, camcorders, and GPS systems. An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) provides light measurements over a 12-bit dynamic range. Its integrating conversion technique eliminates the effect of flicker from ac-powered lamps, thereby increasing measurement stability. The sensor operates from a single 2.7- to 5.5-V supply, suiting it for use in 3-V systems. It comes in an eight-pin SOIC package. In 1000-unit quantities, it costs $1.59 each. Two evaluation modules are available, the TSL2250-RS232 EVM and the TSL2550-PCMCIA EVM. They are priced at $110 each.

Taos Inc.
www.taosinc.com; (972) 673-0759

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