Electronic Design

High-CMR Instrumentation Amp Half The Size Of An SOIC

The AD8221 instrumentation amplifier provides a high common-mode rejection (CMR) over frequency in an MSOP package, which measures half the size of a traditional SOIC package. This part provides CMR performance of 90 dB (at G = 1) to 10 kHz. The high CMR holds system errors to a minimum by rejecting common-mode voltage noise from sources such as motors, repair equipment, switching power supplies, and high-frequency medical equipment. The amplifier features low input offset voltage of 100 µV and low input offset drift of 0.8 µV/°C. The AD8221 operates at a quiescent current of 1 mA over a resistor-programmable gain range of 1 to 1000. The part functions over the standard industrial temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. It is priced at $2.25 apiece in 1000-unit quantities.

Analog Devices
www.analog.com; (800) ANALOG-D

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