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Eight Dev Kits for Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS)

Eight Dev Kits for Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS)

Check out this detailed comparison of popular development kits for AVS designed to help you jumpstart your voice-enabled applications.

Download article in PDF format.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have led to widespread acceptance of AI-based assistants. Voice search is rapidly increasing in popularity, and Conversational-AI is on the way to becoming the dominant search mode.

Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) enables developers to add voice control to any connected device that has a microphone and speaker. The upshot? AVS-enabled products allow an end user to control his/her music, alarms, smart home and entertainment device--and a lot more--with just the power of her voice.

In turn, companies are rolling out development kits for AVS designed to help engineers rapidly prototype their ideas and take them to production-ready products. 

In this article (click on the downloadable PDF link above), we compare eight development kits—priced from $129 to $1250—that offer a variety of options in processor type, number of microphones on board, single-board-computer platform, and more.

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