Embedded Linux Conference

Highlights of the Embedded Linux Conference

The event itself may be over, but you can still check out the presentations and videos.

I had a chance to check out the Linux Foundation’s Embedded Linux Conference (Fig. 1) in Portland earlier this month. The event also included the OpenIoT Summit, which is why there were presentations and demonstrations for platforms like Zephyr and MyNewt, two compact operating systems for IoT platforms.

1. The Embedded Linux Conference was collocated with the OpenIoT Summit.

The conference is over, but you can still check out the presentations and videos (Fig. 2). The videos are on a YouTube channel, making it easy to scan through the list to find what interests you. The presentations are also available for most of these, but you will have to do a little digging—the individual presentation files are found by clicking on the desired entry in the presentation list, and then checking to see if the presentation is available.

2. All of the keynotes and most of the presentations were captured on videos that you can view now.

For example, one presentation I liked was Introduction to the Robot Operating System (ROS) Middleware (Fig. 3) by Mike Anderson of The PTR Group. I haven’t yet convinced him to turn it into an article for us, but you can check out the PDF version of his presentation. For those unfamiliar with ROS, it is an open-source platform that runs on operating systems like Linux. It is used on a number of commercial systems and many research projects.

3. One of the presentations at ELC was “Introduction to the Robot Operating System (ROS) Middleware” by Mike Anderson of The PTR Group.

I have written up some of the presentations I saw at the show, which covered topics like the memory management support that has been added to Zephyr. There will be more, so stay tuned.

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