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Intel Takes Integrated Graphics to a Trillion Operations Per Second

Intel announced Wednesday that its latest generation of integrated graphics will support one trillion operations per second and will be shipped inside its 10-nanometer computer chips starting next year. The announcement is aimed at defending against a series of assaults by Advanced Micro Devices and Qualcomm on the cornerstone of the Silicon Valley company’s $62-billion business: personal computers.

Intel’s Gen11 integrated graphics architecture will offer double the performance, a major upgrade over the company’s current Gen9 graphics, which is used inside 14-nanometer processors based on the Skylake architecture. The technology will be installed in 10-nanometer silicon based on Intel's Sunny Cove architecture and will also include an advanced encoder and decoder for high-definition video.

Holding 90 percent of the personal computer market has turned Intel into one of largest manufacturers of graphics chips in shipment terms. But the Santa Clara, California-based company is also eyeing the market for discrete graphics chips. This year, it hired former AMD chief graphics architect Raja Koduri to build a new line of discrete graphics chips for personal computers and other applications by 2020.

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