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They’re Talking Zettabytes at the Flash Memory Summit

Join Senior Technology Editor Bill Wong at this year’s Flash Memory Summit, where storage reigns.

Processors may be petering out when it comes to clock speeds, but storage capacity and performance continue to rise. This year’s Flash Memory Summit (FMS) will highlight the trend of more performance, higher capacity, and increased functionality.

Hopefully I’ll see you there. I will be hosting the Embedded Applications track, including Drive Design and Applications. Thomas McCormick, Chief Engineer/Technologist at Swissbit, will be talking about “Enhancing TLC Flash Designs for Embedded Applications.” Chris Lien, Senior Manager at ATP Electronics Taiwan, will present “Why BGA SSDs Lead the Way in Embedded Applications.” And Axel Mehnert, VP of Marketing and Strategy at Hyperstone, will discuss “Designing Reliable Flash Storage Systems.”

The Applications session starts off with Chanson Lin, Founder/CEO of EmBestor Technology, with his “Smart Storage Design for Edge Computing in Industrial IoT” presentation. Color Cheng, Senior Product Manager at Innodisk, examines “The Role of Smart SSDs in the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT).” Also, Hyperstone’s Axel Mehnert will talk about “Using SSD Performance Numbers Effectively.”

Toshiba Memory Corp.’s Technology Executive for the SSD Application Engineering, Shigeo (Jeff) Ohshima, along with Senior Vice President and General Manager for the SSD Business Unit, Jeremy Werner, lead off the keynotes discussing “Toshiba Memory Meeting Application Needs with a New Generation of Advanced Storage Technology.”

The second keynote is about “Western Digital Data-centric Architecture for the Zettabyte Age.” This will be presented by Dr. Siva Sivaram, Executive Vice President for Silicon Technology and Manufacturing, and Christopher Bergey, Senior Vice President for Devices.

I’m looking forward to checking out the FMS Persistent Memory Programming Hackathon that runs all day on Tuesday. Automotive and artificial-intelligence topics are high on the list, since storage is integral to their success. Presentations on other storage technologies, such as resistive RAM (ReRAM) and MRAM, are also on tap.

You can now download the proceedings from this year's Flash Memory Summit.

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