Trek on Over to the Flash Memory Summit

Trek on Over to the Flash Memory Summit

Electronic Design’s Bill Wong will be hosting two sessions at this year’s Flash Memory Summit in the Santa Clara Convention Center.

I hope you will join me at this year’s Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, Calif. from August 7-9. I will be hosting a pair of sessions on August 8 in the Embedded Applications track—one on System Design and another on Drive Design. You can also stop by a little early for the MRAM Developer Day on August 6. Both events are being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Hopefully only the topics will be hot this year. Last year’s summit got a bit toasty with a little fire on the show floor. It was too bad, because this show has been growing as storage remains one of the hottest items around, impacting all aspects of system design from Internet of Things (IoT) end nodes to massive cloud storage pushing NVMe to the limits.

The MRAM Developer Day should be very interesting, with major chip foundries supporting MRAM. Likewise, the use of persistent memory has been increasing the demand for this type of technology.

While the name of the conference is the Flash Memory Summit, it’s really about non-volatile storage. This covers a lot of ground, including MRAM, but also involves technologies like Crossbar’s resistive RAM and Intel’s Optane. Likewise, these technologies are showing up in NVDIMMs populating the memory bus of the cloud. Part of this adoption is being fueled by software support that’s becoming more sophisticated and readily available. It’s also a technology that has yet to be exploited by the embedded community.

I’ll be writing about the latest technology on display from the show, but come check it out. Come early. It was standing-room-only for some sessions.

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