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14- And 16-Pin MCUs Are Based On 8051 Core

Atmel Corp. has four new 14-pin and two new 16-pin microcontrollers based on its 8051 single-cycle core. Atmel's single-cycle core architecture executes each byte fetch in a single clock cycle, resulting in 70% of all instructions being executed in a single clock cycle. Compared to the traditional 8051 devices, this architecture can either increase performance up to 12 times or reduce power consumption by up to 80%.

The AT89LP213/413, AT89LP214/414 and AT89LP216/416 devices are cost-effective 8-bit microcontrollers well suited for applications requiring not only low-pin count, but low power and high performance in a small footprint. These new microcontrollers reduce system cost with a variety of on-chip features.

The AT89LP214 and AT89LP213 have 2 kbytes of In-system Programmable Flash, whereas the AT89LP414 and AT89LP413 have 4 kbytes of Flash. The 16-pin versions are the AT89LP216 and AT89LP416 that have 2 and 4 kKbytes of Flash memory respectively. These devices include on-chip debug, an on-chip hardware multiplier, Pulse Width Modulation, analog comparator, internal RC oscillator, and 12 general purpose I/Os for application use.

The devices achieve a 20 MIPS throughput when running at 20 MHz and consume very low power when running at a lower frequency. Typical power consumption in 3.6-V active mode at 1 MHz is 1.1 mA and less than 0.45 mA in idle mode. They can operate down to 2 V at 10 MHz and 2.4 V at 20 MHz.

The AT89LP214 and AT89LP213 are available in 14-pin TSSOP and PDIP packages while the AT89LP216 is available in 16-pin TSS0P, SOIC, and PDIP packages. The unit price in 10,000-piece quantities is $0.87 for AT89LP214 and AT89LP213, and $0.91 for AT89LP216. Samples for AT89LP414, AT89LP413, and AT89LP416 will be available in Q4 2006.

Atmel Corp.

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