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14-Bit PCIe Digitizers Deliver 50 Msamples/s

Packing 256 MB of signal memory, the UF2e-4032 and UF2e-4031 14-bit digitizer cards for PCI Express deliver sample rates up to 50 Msamples/s. The UF2e-4032 provides four analog inputs and the UF2e-4031 has two input channels. Unique features include options for dual-timebase sampling, synchronous digital inputs, asynchronous digital I/O, and the ability to synchronize hundreds of channels. Shared features of both digitizers include a 128 Msample memory, expandable to 2 Gsamples, SNR of greater than 70.5 dB, THD of less than -73 dB, and a standard -3 dB bandwidth greater than 25 MHz. Each channel has its own 50 MHz ADC for simultaneous sampling plus six voltage ranges from ±200 mV to ±10V, a programmable offset of 200% and input impedances of 50 Ohms or 1 MegaOhms, allowing individual configuration of each channel for the signal source. Drivers and programming examples for Windows Vista, XP64, XP, and Linux (RedHat, Fedora, SuSe, Sarge) come with the cards as well as the SBench 5.3 oscilloscope program. Software-developments kits for MATLAB, LabVIEW, Agilent-VEE, DASYLab, and LabWindows/CVI are available as options. Prices for the UF2e-4032 and UF2e-4031 are $7,399 and $4,899, respectively. STRATEGIC TEST CORP., Woburn, MA. (866) 898-3278.


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