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1.8-in. HHD Boasts 100-Gbyte Capacity

Designed in the "short" 1.8-in. form factor, Toshiba's MK1011GAH hard-disk drive features 100-Gbyte capacity, the highest available according to the company, in a footprint that is 10% smaller than first-generation 1.8-in. drives. The two-platter HDD, which is based on perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR), has an areal density of 155.3 Gbits/in.2, making it well-suited for thin and light mobile computers with an 8-Mbyte cache. The MK1011GAH also employs the same tunnel magneto-resistive (TMR) head technology that together with PMR delivered 200-Gbyte capacity and an areal density of 178.8 Gbit/in.2 in Toshiba's 2.5-in. HDD class.

The 1.8-in. HDD integrates a low-insertion-force ATA-7 connector, which creates a format that enables mobile PC manufacturers to easily transition to higher capacities in smaller-footprint HDDs. The drive's average seek time is 15 ms and the data transfer rate is 100 Mbytes/s. Rotational speed is 4200 rpm. Energy consumption efficiency is 0.003 W/Gbyte. The drive is rated for a shock resistance of 4900 m/s2 (500g, 2 ms) operating, and 14,700 m/s2 (1500g, 1 ms) non-operating. The MK1011GAH is RoHS-compliant.


The MK1011GAH is available now.


Contact the company for prices.


Visit www.sdd.toshiba.com.

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