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18X SATA Rewritable Drive Includes Engraving Capability

With its Serial ATA (SATA) interface, the SH-S183L 18X DVD burner eliminates the need for master-slave jumper settings and provides thinner data cables, improving airflow and cable routing. The drive's 150-Mbyte/s, 300-Mbyte/s, and 600-Mbyte/s transfer rates make it one of the fastest drives on the market, according to Samsung Electronics Ltd. The SH-S183L offers 12X DVD-RAM recording and 8X double-layer DVD+R and DVD-R recording. The drive incorporates LightScribe technology, which lets users engrave labels, photos, and designs onto the physical CD or DVD disc with no hassle. The engraving function works with LightScribe-ready CDs and DVDs.

Other features include the weight-balancing system to maximize performance and reduce the volume of in-use clatter when recording or reading at top speeds; speed-adjustment technology to match the speed to the functionality of the disc; tilt actuator compensation for a preferred writing condition when interacting with the objective lens; and double optimum power control, which balances the laser power on the sides of the disc for better writing performance. The power-save function eliminates Buffer Under Run Error. The SH-S183L is shipping nationwide with an estimated street price of $89. For more information, visit www.samsung.com.

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