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2.5-in. Hard-Disk Drive Holds 200 Gbytes

The 200-Gbyte, dual-platter MK2035GSS is Toshiba first perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) hard-disk drive to use tunnel magneto-resistive recording head technology. The company’s second-generation PMR drive boasts the world’s highest areal density, 178.8 Gbits/sq.in,, and the highest capacity in the standard 9.5-mm mobile PC format, according to the company.

The drive weighs only 98 grams and incorporates the Serial ATA II interface with native command queuing, which affords faster data transfer rates (150 Mbytes/s) and improved technical performance. The MK2035GSS employs four heads and has an average seek time of 12 ms. Its rotational speed is 4200 rpm. Buffer memory is 8 Mbytes.

Mass production of the MK2035GSS drive is scheduled for August.

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