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256- And 512-Mbyte SO-DIMMs Offer Optional Error Correction

A line of high-capacity small-outline dual-inline memory modules (SO-DIMMs) offers 256- and 512-Mbyte capacities and an optional error-correction code (ECC) function. Both single-data-rate (SDR) PC100/133 and double-data-rate (DDR) 200/266/333 memory types are supported. The product family ranges from the AN32V64T8AW75AX 256-Mbyte device (non-ECC) to the AT64L72T8WB0A 512-Mbyte device (ECC). With a height of only 1.25 in., the devices come in wBGA packaging. The SO-DIMMs target the performance notebook, blade server, and embedded systems markets. The 256-Mbyte SO-DIMM costs about $90, and the 512-Mbyte version costs about $180.

ATP Electronics Inc.
www.atpusa.com; (408) 732-5000

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