2.5D/3D Graphics SoC Powers Automotive 360° Wraparound View System

2.5D/3D Graphics SoC Powers Automotive 360° Wraparound View System

Fujitsu Semiconductor America’s third-generation MB86R24 “Triton” graphics system-on-a-chip (SoC) combines the ARM Cortex-A9 dual CPU core with embedded 2.5D and 3D graphics cores to create a chip that delivers accelerated processing and sharp image rendering. Six full high-definition input channels and three display output channels allow for more flexible input/output control. The 3D core incorporates Imagination Technologies’ POWERVR SGX543-MP1, which supports API formats such as OpenGL ES 2.0. POWERVR uses tile-based deferred rendering for render processing, reducing CPU and GPU performance loads and increasing system capacity. The 2.5D engine provides features such as on-the-fly warping, ensuring heads-up display images maintain proper proportions. The MB86R24’s harmonized structure permits simultaneous rendering of independent 2.5D and 3D graphics. It can capture multiple video streams, display content to multiple sources, and take input from six cameras at the same time. Using the MB86R24, Fujitsu developed a 360° Wraparound View System, allowing drivers to check their entire surroundings in 3D from any angle. The system’s cameras face forward, backward, left, and right to synthesize a 3D model of the environment and then display the surroundings. The board also will find homes in automotive dashboards, central information displays, and rear-seat entertainment systems.


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