Electronic Design

25nm MLC SSD Targets Enterprise


Micron's 2.5-in P400e is a 25nm MLC (multi-level cell) solid state drive (SSD)  that targets enterprise applications which will benefit from a high performance read rate. This is typically 70/30 to 90/10 read/write workloads. The 7mm ultra thin drives come in capacities up to 400 Gbytes. The 400 Gbyte drive has an endurance lifetime 175 Tbytes. All the drives have a  6 Gbit/s SATA II interface. The drive is designed to minimize total cost of ownership (TCO).

Sequential read/write performance is 350/140 Mbytes/s. Random read/write performance is 50K/7K IOPS.
The power requirements for the 50 Gbyte version is only 2W. The top end 400 Gbyte drive uses only 5W of power. Idle power consumption is 0.95W  MTBF is 1.2 M device hours.

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