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2U Chassis Features Full Pluggability

The latest member of the Type 39 2U EasyPlug CompactPCI enclosure family is the Type 39c HA line. The new additions feature 9U cPCI backplanes from Elma Bustronic that include pluggable 47-pin connectors for hot-swapping power supplies. The line also includes pluggable fan tray headers and optional shelf-management modules. Redundancy options can be built-in with all of these components. The backplanes are available in standard cPCI, H.110, or PICMG 2.16 options. The shelf-management option is based on the Intelligent Platform Management Interface. For increased redundancy on the backplanes, a Dual Star design can be implemented on the PICMG 2.16 versions.

With a sheet metal design and full pluggability, the Type 39c HA family offers ease of manufacturing and saves costs. The chassis are available in 1U to 4U heights in horizontal-mounting orientations. They comply with the latest PICMG specifications and IEEE 1101.10/.11. The enclosures feature side-to-side 200-CFM (300-LFM) cooling, 300-mm depths, and rear I/O options. The company specializes in quick and affordable customization of their chassis offerings.


The Type 39 HA family has a four- to six-week lead time.


Contact the company for pricing.


Visit www.elma.com.

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