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3D Virtual Prototyping Software Offers Cost-Effective Version

The PZFlex 2.1 3D virtual-prototyping software is now available in two versions: PZFlex Professional and PZFlex Standard. Finding favor with industrial designers and academic researchers, the professional version has been in service since the late 1980s. The PZFlex Standard suits small to mid-sized businesses and independent consultancies that require a more affordable version. The software relies on inexpensive yet powerful computers to deliver modeling capabilities for predicting product or device performance. Its most touted advantages are faster times to market and low cost. Users can build, test, and optimize designs almost entirely in virtual form. Also, the software supports modeling entire devices and their housings along with their individual components. PZFlex Standard, essentially the same as the professional version, limits the model size. Based on a floating license, the software is operable only when the included USB dongle is resident in the system. Price also includes a version of SolidWorks modeling tool for intuitive development of model layouts. For more details and price, call PZFlex, Mountain View, CA. (650) 230-0210.

Company: PZFlex

Product URL: Click here for more information

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