Electronic Design

3U, 1/2 Rack OpenVPX Computer Aids Signal Processing

VPXI-AVPXI-AThis 3U, OpenVPX-compliant embedded computer system from Innovative Integration provides a performance architecture for instrumentation, signal processing and embedded computing applications. Offering five I/O expansion slots, the VPXI-ePC packaged in a compact, half rack, 4U enclosure, and is driven by the VPX-COMEX PC-compatible SBC. This SBC combines an Intel i7 quad-core COM Express CPU module plus precision timing, PCIe switching and communications capabilities. Multiple, high-performance data planes employing both centralized and mesh topologies interconnect the CPU and all slots, supporting data-movement intensive applications in real-time. VPXI routes timing features directly on the backplane, providing synchronized, high precision clock and trigger features to each slot. The VPXI-ePC communications backbone employs multiple PCIe and Aurora planes capable of sustained data rates over 2000 MB/s autonomously flowing between any mix of devices concurrently between any slots.


TAGS: Intel
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