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4-Port Serial ATA Chips Ship

The Serial ATA onslaught has begun. Vitesse's new four-channel VSC7174 host bus controller (HBC) and two-enclosure management controllers (VSC420 and VSC425) are now available. They conform to the Serial ATA 1.0 and Serial ATA II, Phase I (current extensions) specifications. The VSC7174 delivers a sustained 150 Mbytes/s per channel and up to 1064 Mbytes/s per channel in burst mode. Multiple VSC7174 chips can be used to provide additional channels.

The VSC7174 supports a 64-bit, 133-MHz, Plug-and-Play, PCI/PCI-X interface. The Serial ATA interface can operate in Master/Slave and Master/Master SATA Direct Modes. Drivers are available for popular operating systems, including Linux. Pricing for the VSC7174 is $15.00. The VSC420 and VSC425 cost $9.60 and $12.00, respectively, in OEM quantities.


See associated figure.

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