40G/10G ATCA Switch Integrates Dual AMC Slots

40G/10G ATCA Switch Integrates Dual AMC Slots

VadaTech’s ATC806 40G/10G Layer 3 managed switch for AdvancedTCA (ATCA), replete with two mid-sized Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) slots, comes in three performance levels: 320G, 480G, or 640G. Each slot can run either 40G or 10G. The switch offers two ports of 40/10 Gigabit Ethernet to rear transition module (RTM) Zone 3, 13 ports to the Fabric Channel, and one port to the Update Channel. In addition, dual 10G ports route to RTM Zone 3. Front-panel ports include octal 10/1000/1000 Ethernet, one Gigabit Ethernet, and one RS-232 via RJ-45.


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