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6.2-mm Interface Modules Perform Simple Analog Signal Conversion

The IMS interface module from Turck performs analog signal conversion and measures just 6.2 mm wide. Universal IMS modules convert current and voltage signals from a wide range of applications with an analog signal transmitter that achieves 0.1 percent of the full scale. Modules are also available specifically for transferring temperature signals from thermocouple, RTD, and other devices using Pt-100 technology. Those modules achieve 0.3 percent of the full scale and are available with 2-, 3-, or 4-wire connections. IMS modules are easily configured using a laterally mounted DIP switch. Along with signal conversion, the compact module conditions and isolates signals from external sources, making it particularly effective for wastewater and other industries where electrical noise is commonplace. The IMS module provides complete galvanic isolation. In addition, it offers signal conditioning that acts as a dead-zero to live-zero signal. One- and two-channel modules without signal conditioning are also available. TURCK, Minneapolis, MN. (800) 544-7769.

Company: TURCK

Product URL: Click here for more information

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