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64-Channel Data-Acquisition Cards Feature High Data Rates

The DAQe-2200 series from Adlink Technology use the x1 PCI Express bus to allow simultaneous 12-bit, 3-Msample/s data acquisition on 64 channels.

A family of three high-performance, multi-function, 64-channel data-acquisition cards take advantage of the high-bandwidth of the x1 PCI Express bus for data transfers of up to 250 Mbytes/s. The DAQe-2200 series from Adlink Technology Inc. consists of the DAQe-2204, a 12-bit analog-to-digital resolution card with a 3-Msample/s simultaneous sampling rate; the DAQe-2205, a 16-bit resolution card with a 500-ksample/s simultaneous rate, and the DAQe-2206, a 16-bit resolution card with a 250-ksample/s simultaneous rate. The 64 analog channels feature various input ranges to 10 V. A differential mode for 32 analog channels maximizes noise reduction.

The cards include analog and digital triggering, two 12-bit analog output channels with waveform generation, 24 programmable digital I/O lines, and two 16-bit general-purpose timer/counters. The DAQe-2200 series also features simultaneous analog input and output at full speed, a system synchronization interface bus that allows up to four cards to be synchronized, auto-calibration that adjusts the gain and offset to within specified parameters, and scatter-gather bus mastering. The latter allows the acquisition of a large amount of data at a high speed by transferring data directly to and from memory through the DMA controller (up to the size limited by the system memory).

Contact the company for availability information.
The DAQe-2000 cards start at $895, with volume discounts available.
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