Electronic Design

6U VMEbus SBC Does Master/Slave For PowerPC

MEN-A-5866-AMEN Micro has developed the A21, a 6U VMEbus SBC that incorporates both master and slave functionality for multiprocessing in embedded applications, particularly industrial automation, but also in medical and railway engineering. Available in two configurations, the A21B features three M-Module slots, while the A21C includes two PMC or XMC slots. Both feature a single-core P1013 or dual-core P1022 PowerPC QorIQ processor with clock frequencies of up to 1.67 GHz and serial communication. The A21 SBCs include two Gigabit Ethernet channels and one RS232 COM Interface at the front, along with 2 GB of DDR3 soldered SDRAM with ECC, up to 64 MB of Flash, and 128 KB of FRAM. Pricing for either configuration is $1,712 with delivery six to eight weeks.


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