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8-Bit MCU Packs Encryption Hardware

The 8-bit Rabbit 4000 leaps over the current Rabbit 3000. Developed by Rabbit Semiconductor, this low-EMI (under 10 dB µV/m at 3 m) device adds a host of new instructions with support for 16- and 32-bit registers, hardware encryption acceleration, and built-in 10BaseT Ethernet support.

Its major architectural improvements include the ability to control memory and I/O access. The forthcoming RabbitSys real-time operating system and Dynamic C development environment will take advantage of this enhanced protection system.

The chip will be the basis for a line of embedded modules that will have a common interface. The Rabbit 4000 also has multiprocessor capabilities. The slave port permits configuration from an external device.

The chip will come in 16- by 16-mm LQFP and 10- by 10-mm TFBGA packages. It will be available in quantity next March.

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Rabbit Semiconductor

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