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ACME’s Portable Computer Provides Customization Space

Eliminating the need for an expansion chassis, the FLP-200 portable computer, measuring 325 mm x 420 mm x 165 mm and weighing 20 lbs., provides ample internal space for application-specific customizing. The computer employs a 2-GHz Core Duo processor backed by a minimum of 512 MB of memory, expandable to 2 GB. Primary applications include testing, data logging, and video recording for seismic, flight line, in-flight, and factory-floor environments. Sporting a rugged design, the unit also suits fire, police, emergency medical response, construction, trucking, and off-road applications. Other features include two full-length slots for 32-bit PCI cards and one mini-PCI connector and two li-ion batteries providing a total of 100W of output power and 190 Watt-hours of capacity. With 512 MB of memory, a 100-GB disk drive, and a dual-battery pack, price is $3,999. ACME PORTABLE MACHINES INC., Azusa, CA. (626) 610-1888.


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