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Ada Web Server Teams With VxWorks

Enabling web-based connectivity and control of embedded systems, AdaCore now offers its Ada Web Server (AWS) for Wind River’s VxWorks real-time operating system. Users can connect through a TCP/IP link to board-level apps for purposes such as system control, configuration, and maintenance. Used in conjunction with GNAT Pro, AWS enables developers to embed a web server within any application. AWS features include a web parameters module for retrieving forms or URL parameters and building an associative table, session server that keeps client data, a template parser, HTTPS/SSL for secure sockets, support for large servers and virtual hosting, server push support, a log module, support for SOAP, SMTP, POP and LDAP protocols and the AJAX standard, and high-level services, i.e., directory browser, status page for information, and web page service. ADACORE, New York, NY. (877) 787-4628.


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