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AdaCore Delivers A Host Of Ada Tools

AdaCore was busy at the Embedded System Conference, promoting a range of enhancements and products from a new static analysis tool and .NET support. The GNATstack static analysis tool helps developers predict the maximum stack usage requirements for their applications. It is available separately or as part of AdaCore’s GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition products. These support development of applications needing DO-178B, DO-278 and other related safety-critical standard certification. The GNATstack tool statically calculates the maximum stack space required by each task. This is key to guaranteeing safe, predictable execution with respect to stack usage. The.NET Framework support broadens AdaCore’s expanding portfolio of Microsoft compatible platforms. It brings Ada to the .NET environment including support for managed an unmanaged code. It includes support for the Ada 2005 standard. AdaCore was also showing off GPRbuild that was announced just after the show. It is a software tool designed to help automate the construction of multi-language systems. The target audience is developers that are working on complex, multi-language projects using languages such as Ada, assembler, C, C++ and Fortran. The build tool is integrated with AdaCore’s GNAT Pro development environment. Related Links AdaCore

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