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AdaCore Updates GNATbench Ada Development Environment

The latest release of AdaCore’s GNATbench Eclipse-based development environment for Ada was recently made at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, Calif. The announcement supports tighter integration with WindRiver’s Workbench development suite and automatic integration with the large pool of software development capabilities already available within the Eclipse framework. GNATbench 2.1.0 was announced at the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley in San Jose.

The upgrade includes a variety of enhancements, including general project management and presentation capabilities, new features within the language-sensitive editor, new source navigation capabilities, new wizards, and an enhanced builder. Among the specific enhancements are independent project hierarchies, the ability to clean project hierarchies, and the ability to fully restore projects from configuration management systems. New wizards include the ability to create Ada source folders or subfolders, source files with specific headers, and projects with advanced project settings.

“Wind River is pleased to see AdaCore’s new release of the GNATbench product,” said Rob Hoffman, general manager of aerospace and defense at Wind River. “GNATbench has always been seamlessly integrated with Wind River Workbench, and this latest release further advances the Ada capabilities available to the Workbench software developer for both all-Ada and mixed-language applications.”


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