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AdvancedTCA Processor Blade Boasts Dual 4-Gbit/s FC Links

ADLINK Technology’s aTCA-6892 processor blade incorporates Qlogic’s EP2432 PCI-E Fiber Channel controller and dual 64-bit Intel Xeon processors.

The aTCA-6892 processor blade from ADLINK Technology features dual 4-Gbits/s Fiber Channel (FC) links powered by the Qlogic EP2432 PCI-E fiber channel controller. The blade offers remote setup and can be configured with the FC links at the front panel via SFP optical transceivers, or to the backplane with Zone 2 connectors, supporting PICMG 3.1 option 4/7 connectivity. When combined with FC-switch and storage blades, the aTCA-6892 can directly access integrated, high-performance storage area networks (SAN) in the same chassis without the need for additional fiber optic cabling. By combining the cutting-edge, dual 64-bit low voltage Intel Xeon processors with up to 16 Gbytes of dual-channel PC3200 DDR2 REG/ECC memory, the blade provides an enormous amount of computing power for mission-critical applications. In addition to the Fiber Channel links, the PICMG 3.1-compliant dual 1000BASE-BX GbE fabric interface ports offer gigabit-speed data-transport options inside the shelf. The front of the processor blade offers a variety of I/O options, including analog UXGA graphics, USB 2.0 ports, and a serial console. The blade also offers a PCI/PCI-X 64-bit/133-MHz PMC site for further function expansion as well as reserved resources for a SATA RAID 0/1 enabled RTM interface.

The aTCA-6892 is available now.
OEM pricing starts at $3490.
Visit www.adlinktech.com/ccps.

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