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Agile Development Framework Addresses Critical Software Processes

Embedded Systems Conference, April 2010 - LDRA and Codice Software have partnered to provide Agile development capability to Embed-X, supposedly the only ALM product focused on the development and verification of critical, embedded software systems. Although Agile development has previously been considered at cross-purposes with safety-critical software development, LDRA and Codice have solved these challenges by incorporating Plastic SCM’s Agile benefits into the Embed-X application lifecycle management solution. Plastic SCM accurately tracks and maps the complete development history within Embed-X, giving developers click-through access to critical details. Its task-focused management tracks software change and configuration over the entire project lifecycle from requirements and design through analysis, code development and testing, coordinating version control and software branching and merging as the development project evolves. For further details, call LDRA TECHNOLOGY INC., Maynard, MA. (978) 405-3180.

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