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AMD Technology Future-Proofs ETX/XTX Standards

Ensuring a productive future for ETX and XTX form factors, AMD Fusion processors fill the gap left in the market, particularly for ETX computer modules, by Intel’s discontinuation of the 855 chipset. Congatec now integrates the AMD Fusion architecture into a range of ETX and XTX COM modules, opening up new scalability options for this form factor to meet demanding tasks. Two modules support the Fusion architecture: conga-EAF and conga-XAF. The conga-EAF is an ETX module while conga-XAF is a XTX module based on the XTX standard. The difference between the XTX and the ETX standard is that XTX replaces the ISA bus with a four-lane PCI Express bus. XTX also has more S-ATA and USB interfaces than ETX. Price for the conga-CA6 module starts at $300 in OEM quantities. CONGATEC INC., San Diego, CA. (760) 635-2600.

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