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Analog Modules Extend Working Bandwidth

The 8B50/51 analog voltage input modules have a filter bandwidth of 20 kHz, significantly larger than the 1 kHz bandwidth of earlier models. Accuracy is specified at ±0.10%, and linearity at ±0.05%. The modules accept millivolt and volt level signals. Signal filtering is through a 5-pole filter that is optimized for time and frequency response and provides 100 dB/decade of normal-mode rejection above 20 kHz. The modules measure 1.11” x 1.65” x 0.4”, allowing their use in embedded or portable applications. A special input circuit protects against accidental connection of power-line voltages up to 240 Vac continuous. Clamp circuits on the I/O and power terminals protect against transients. Capacitive and transformer coupling provide isolation up to 1,500 Vrms. They can be interfaced to almost any PC/104, compact PCI, VMEbus, PXI or proprietary data acquisition system. Prices start at $89 each.


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