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Analog Output Module Delivers Waveforms At 1-MSPS Pace

Offered as the industry's fastest 16-bit analog output module for PXI, the NI PXI-6733 generates waveforms at 1-Msample/s per channel rate with a 16-bit resolution on each of its eight channels. The module also features two 24-bit counter/timers and software-controlled, timing signal routing for timing and triggering applications. The PXI trigger bus is used to provide synchronization for the company's motion and vision applications, as well as other data acquisition tools. Applications include stimulus-response tests, such as acoustic distortion testing, simulation, and three-phase power simulation. The module comes with NI-DAQ 6.9 driver software, a programming interface for use with a variety of application development environments. For further information and price, contact NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, Austin, TX. (512) 683-0100.


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