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App Connects Modem Chipset To Application Processors

Providing a low-cost, low-power alternative to USB-based interfaces, QuickLogic’s SDIO to EBI2 client application for the PolarPro platform family connects the SDIO port(s) on application processors to the EBI2 interface found on the company’s modem chipsets. As per QuickLogic, the SDIO interface is a lower power, lower cost solution that requires less software overhead than the PHY-based USB ports which apparently consume more power than necessary to support device-to-device connectivity. The application enables the use of SDIO ports on application processors, from companies like Freescale, Marvell, MediaTek, nVIDIA, and Texas Instruments. QuickLogic also provides the software drivers that enable the solution to work with the Linux OS. QUICKLOGIC CORP., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 990-4000.

TAGS: Freescale
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