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App Converts Wireless Sensors Into Internet Devices

Debuting as the first commercial application based on the IETF 6LoWPAN proposed standard for low-power wireless, Primer Pack/IP lets users create pilot WSNs using a service-oriented architecture to enable a sensor network running native IP end-to-end, taking the IP protocols beyond their boundaries at the WSN gateway and out to the individual sensor nodes. Sensor nodes employing the application will be able to communicate directly with other IP devices, whether those devices are wired or wireless, local or across the Internet, on Ethernet, WiFi, 6LoWPAN, or other types of networks. Primer Pack/IP includes recent developments settled on by the IETF 6LoWPAN Working Group. The 6LoWPAN integrates IPv6, the latest and most scalable version of the IP protocol. The latest version of Primer Pack/IP adds native IPv6 support, AES-128-based link-level encryption and node authentication, plus extended data-management capabilities to the sensor nodes. It runs the native IPv6 protocol stack on the sensor nodes themselves, providing the flexibility of choosing either direct end-to-end IP access or proxy access to the nodes. Available in the second quarter, Primer Pack/IP is priced at $4,995. ARCH ROCK CORP., San Francisco, CA. (415) 692-0828.


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