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App Gets Boost For Java Deployment

In its newest form, VisualAge Micro Edition Version 1.2 software for deploying connected Java language-based solutions incorporates changes that improve performance, OSGi bundle management, and support for real-time Java components and the personal configurations that add an Abstract Window Toolkit. Additional improvements include access to relational databases, remote method invocation functions, and an applet viewer. The new version is now supported on Windows 2000 developer workstations, with the company also upgrading support for all versions of the application's runtime components. These include PowerPC, Strong-ARM, SuperH, X86, MIPS, and 68K DragonBall 32-bit processors and several RTOS targets, including the optimized J9 Virtual Machine used with QNX Neutrino, Hard Hat Linux, Windows CE, iTRON, and PalmOS. VisualAge Micro Edition v1.2 Individual Package can be downloaded for free from the company's web site or can be ordered on CD-ROM for the price of shipping. The Collaborative Package, which includes release tools and the team repository, costs $99 per developer seat.

Company: IBM - Object Technology Incorporated

Product URL: Click here for more information

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