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App Integrates Measurement Tools Into C++, Visual Basic

Measurement Studio allows users to create measurement applications in Visual C++, Visual Basic, and the company's LabWindows/CVI. Features include user interface controls, mathematical analysis and signal processing routines, and data acquisition and instrument control I/O libraries.
Claimed to be the first to integrate measurement tools into C++, the application extends C++ with an application wizard, class libraries for instrument acquisition, a user interface, UI ActiveX controls optimized for Visual C++ using standard C++ data types, and COM components for measurement and automation. Tools for C programmers include developing, debugging and deploying capabilities for multi-threaded applications, enhanced report generating tools and user interface, Internet data sharing technology, and integration with source-code control packages.
Measurement Studio is available as an upgrade from previous development environments for $295, with a complete package starting at $995.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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