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OS PAL version 1.2 from MapuSoft includes support for the Nucleus and ThreadX operating systems.

MapuSoft Technologies has upgraded OS PAL (OS Porting and Abstraction Lab) to version 1.2. The OS PAL software integrates OS Abstractor and OS Changer in an Eclipse integrated development environment for application development on a host platform using legacy or OS Abstractor application programming interfaces (APIs). It provides a code optimizer that produces code optimized for specific target operating systems.

Version 1.2 adds support to optimize code for the Nucleus and ThreadX operating systems. The new release also includes an online update manager to make it easier to receive the latest bug fixes and feature enhancements as they become available. Additionally, version 1.2 can auto-generate Eclipse project files for the target platform. A free evaluation of OS PAL can be downloaded at www.mapusoft.com/evals.htm. The demo includes sample applications running on OS PAL that were developed using OS Abstractor, POSIX APIs, VxWorks APIs, Nucleus APIs, and pSOS APIs.


Contact the company for price and availability information.


Visit www.mapusoft.com.

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