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Arium Tools Support C2000 Atom SoC For Faster Software Debug

Arium Tools Support C2000 Atom SoC For Faster Software Debug

Tools in ASSET InterTech’s Arium SourcePoint debugger arm designers of Intel C2000 Atom-based microservers with the ability to speed up debugging of software and firmware. The low-power C2000 Atom system-on-a-chip (SoC) features two, four, or eight processing cores plus several peripheral interfaces (USB2, Gigabit Ethernet, and SATA). Equipped with the C2000, the SourcePoint debugger can quickly locate code bugs and provide extensive trace visibility, enabling efficient identification and determination of root causes of performance issues, failures, or crashes. The system executes on two Arium run-control probes: the LX-1000 Trace Port Analyzer and ECM-XDP3. The LX-1000 comes with a 2-Gbyte storage resource, enabling results of trace debugging processes to be captured and stored off-chip. It then graphically examines the stored trace data to pinpoint the cause of the bug. The ECM-XDP3 is a cost-effective (though still powerful) version of the LX-1000.


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