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Asynchronous SRAMs Team With Flash Memory

Featuring a wide operating-voltage range of 1.6 to 3.6 V, a family of ultra-low-power asynchronous SRAMs comes in 512-kbit by 16 and 1-Mbit by 8 configurations. The devices suit next-generation cellular phones, wireless handheld equipment, and portable applications. The 1.8-V SRAM can be used with 1.8-V flash memory. The 8-Mbit devices are offered in 45-, 55-, and 70-ns speeds and feature low standby and operating current (typically 10 µA and 15 mA, respectively). Additional features include data control for upper and lower bytes as well as operation over the industrial temperature range. The SRAM devices are available now in 44-pin TSOP-Type II, 48-pin miniature BGA, and 36-pin miniature BGA packages. For 10,000-unit quantities, the IS62WV51216ALL, IS62WV51216BLL, IS62WV10008ALL, and IS62WV10008BLL cost $9 each.

Integrated Silicon Solution Inc.
www.issi.com; (408) 588-0800

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