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ATSC Reference Design Takes PCI Express

Compliant with the ATSC digital-TV standard, the MicViper commandeers position as the first dual-channel reference design for PCI Express PC-TV applications. Forming the base of a PC home theater system, the design includes two XC3028 silicon tuners from Xceive that provide two independent signal paths, which allows any combination of analog or high-definition broadcasts. The tuners allegedly exceed specifications common to double-conversion can tuners. In addition to schematics and a bill of materials, MicViper comes with AVStream drivers and is compatible with Windows XP Media Center and third-party applications from Cyberlink and Intervideo. The PCI Express capability comes by way of the company's nGene dual-channel multimedia controller. Other features of the reference design include a DRX-H ATSC channel demodulator with primeD technology that combines multiple echoes to create a single, stronger signal, resulting in enhanced overall reception quality. MICRONAS SEMICONDUCTORS INC., San Diego, CA. (619) 683-5500.


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