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ATX Power Supply Reference Design Meets 80 PLUS Requirements




ATX Power Supply Reference Design Meets 80 PLUS Requirements


ON Semiconductor has unveiled the industry’s first open ATX reference design certified to meet 80 PLUS performance requirements for computing applications. The 250W reference design addresses all functional blocks of the ATX power supply, including power factor correction, switch-mode power supply control and regulation, post regulation and output rectification. The design utilizes several of the company's advanced power management devices and discrete components. A complete documentation package for the ATX reference design, including description, schematic, bill-of-materials, Gerber images and evaluation guidelines is available at the above URL as are the verification and testing report, links to relevant industry information—80 PLUS program, IEC1000-3-2 requirements, ATX 12 V form factor—and other supporting information. ON SEMICONDUCTOR, Phoenix, AZ. (800) 282-9855.       

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Key Components

1. NCP1653:

A compact power factor correction (PFC) controller that is ideal for continuous conduction mode (CCM) PFC applications. Using this device to incorporate a PFC front-end into an ATX design reduces parts count and provides a robust, cost-effective front-end without range switches, the company says.


2. NCP1280:

An active clamp controller for the switch mode power supply (SMPS) section of the supply. With soft-switching capability and other unique features, this device assists in significantly enhancing the efficiency of the power stage.


3. NCP1014:

A highly integrated regulator for the standby/bias converter section. This device provides 10W standby power at high-efficiency, with a lower parts count than existing solutions according to the company.


4. NCP4330:

A synchronous post-regulator that replaces the mag-amp post regulator to provide higher efficiency in the output section of the supply.


5. NTD110N02R and NTP65N02R:

Low RDS(on) N-channel MOSFETs that provide the pulse width modulation as part of the NCP4330 post regulator.


What is 80 PLUS?

80 PLUS is a national buy-down program administered by Ecos Consulting for desktop computers and desktop-derived servers that contain highly efficient power supplies. The initiative challenges computer manufacturers to incorporate internal power supplies that operate at 80% efficiency or better across several load points. ATX power supplies on the market today typically operate at 65% efficiency. According to ON Semiconductor, its ATX reference design prototype was independently tested and verified to comply with the 80 PLUS program by EPRI Solutions Corp. of Knoxville, Tennessee. Additionally, the ATX reference design meets IEC1000-3-2 power factor requirements. The 80 PLUS program is administered by Ecos Consulting on behalf of several large U.S. power utilities that offer financial incentives to manufactures to deploy computer and server power supplies that are 80% efficient or better across several load conditions and are power factor corrected. For more information about the 80 PLUS program visit




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